Tamaryn @ The Garrison – November 3, 2012

November 6, 2012 No comments
Written by Wini Lo

Photo by Wini Lo

The Garrison was dark and mysterious when Tamaryn took the stage on Saturday night. Opting for ambient lights located at the sides of the stage, lead singer Tamaryn and three backing band members were mostly shrouded in spooky shadows and occasional blue glow during their set.

The lack of stage lighting was perfect for their shoegaze-y, dreamy sound, so the band obviously knows what works in their favour. Every song was an atmospheric soundscape – loud enough to envelope, and soothing enough to be near trance-inducing. Each band member was seemingly in his own world – eyes closed, hair occasionally covering the eyes while hunched over guitar or bass (the drummer was the only one who had short hair). Tamaryn, clad in a sheer black flowing blouse with her shock of bleached blonde hair, delivered her vocals with tender intensity, sometimes with her eyes serenely closed, or opened wide in a piercing gaze.

The band was minimal on banter, with Tamaryn only saying a quick “Thank you,” after every few songs. Much like the lack of lighting, they seemed like they preferred to keep themselves enshrouded in mystery and keep their distance. The audience, not minding at all, was nonetheless adoring with applause and loud cheers.

The only downside of Tamaryn’s set was the length. After an all-too-short set, mostly consisting of songs from their recently released album, Tender New Signs, the band returned for a mere one-song encore. They played “The Waves,” from their 2010 debut album of the same name, which drew appreciative cheers from the crowd. Then, with a quick wave and a nod of thanks from the drummer, the show was over. The band slipped behind the stage curtain and disappeared, as the venue’s sound system queued up, fittingly, a Jesus and Mary Chain song.


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