Overheard at Shows (NXNE Edition, Part 2)

June 27, 2012 No comments
Written by Melody Lau

“You disappeared, did you make out with them?”

“Sometimes she’s looks super Asian…”

“CHEEKBONES.” (a girl referring to the lead singer of a band)

“He was tall and looked like a real man. A real man, like a viking man.”

“Wherever there’s a body of water, you know you’re fucked.” (someone on the ferry ride to Toronto Island for the Smith Westerns)

“Does it really suck there?” (people walking to the Smith Westerns show asking the people leaving the show)

“Cut it with the fucking smoke, man. We’re not Echo and the Bunnymen.” (What Matt Good said after the smoke machine was left on a little long during his set)


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