NXNE ‘13: Weaves @ BLK BOX – June 14, 2013

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Written by Dustin Cordeiro

Photo by Dustin Cordeiro

Not every band is able to catch noticeable attention from the first and only song they’ve put out. But recently formed Toronto-based ‘duo’, Weaves — who played their first show together only 2 months ago — seemed to have done just that with the strength of “Hulahoop,” a noised-up blues number of their self-defined genre “soul-grunge.” And all implications of impending hype aside, Weaves’ packed NXNE performance at the Black Box was proof enough that they’re worthy of whatever buzz buzzes their way.

Down-and-dirty basslines and harmonic to thrashing guitarwork made up the meat of their songs, with warbly vocals by frontwoman Jasmyn Burke. On “Hulahoop,” Burke’s noisy, processed voice gave an added texture to the lullaby-like melody of the song. If blues-folk singer Karen Dalton had ever crossed paths with Jamie Hince (of The Kills), their collab might sound something like the southern blues twang vs. New York grunge style of “Hulahoop.”

Underneath the raucous energy of their live show, their songcraft for pop music shone through. Evidenced on tracks like “Motorcycle” and “Mrs. Buttercup,” the latter, which featured a chorus consisting of screams and wails and line, “I’m Mrs. Buttercup / I wanna take you to my blood,” yowled throughout the ear-worm of a track. Watch Weaves’ performance of “Mrs. Buttercup” below to get the full effect. (Warning: you may end up breaking the replay button.)


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