[NXNE] Sphinxs @ The Silver Dollar Room – June 14, 2012

June 15, 2012 No comments
Written by Wini Lo

Sometimes I feel like I’m difficult to impress, especially when it comes to seeing bands I’ve never heard before. When I walked into the Silver Dollar Thursday night, with the intentions of waiting it out for Bleached, the band playing on stage pleasantly surprised me. I found out several songs in that the band playing was Toronto-based Sphinxs.

Sounding like a sexy, hectic marriage between the Gossip and the Hidden Cameras, Sphinxs were an all-out powerhouse on stage. Singer Siânteuse belted out bluesy, soulful vocals like she was born to do it. Flanked by five other musicians (three guitarists, a bassist and drummer), the stage looked like a frenzied party of instruments and bodies moving in unison.

Mixing various musical styles – garage rock, soul/R&B with a touch of punk – there was a unifying vibe that the band was having a blast on stage and the dancing audience was in agreement.



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