[NXNE] Purity Ring @ Wrongbar – June 14, 2012

June 15, 2012 No comments
Written by Kristian Pedersen

“Do I love this set because they are good live, or because of those glowing orbs?”

“I think it might be a bit of both”

I didn’t say much else during Purity Ring’s packed set at the Wrongbar Thursday night. After all, I could hardly pull myself away from the duo’s hypnotic, pulsating dance jam’s. Admittedly I’ve never found myself drawn to Purity Ring in recorded form but it didn’t take long to realize why they have quickly become 4AD’s newest signing, and Canada’s pitchforkiest export.

Unlike the average electronic show, the members of Purity Ring aren’t huddled behind shiny silver Macbook Pro computers or bobbing their head passively while twiddling knobs you can’t see. Sure, that stuff happens, but they also have fucking GLOWING ORBS.

These glowing orbs pulsate with the music, while acting as a dance show swiss army knife. Replacing stage lights, keyboards and drum triggers in one fell swoop. The entire set looked closer to a Nuit Blanche installation than a regular set.

Playing only a block away was Brooklyn’s punk export, The Men, the two acts went head to head at 1am for NXNE headlining supremacy. Although usually restless and claustrophobic, the feeling at the Wrongbar was almost celebratory. Like we were supporting our own. When all was said and done, even if Purity Ring has already made it, last night was as close to a coming out party as we’ll likely get.


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