[NXNE] Playing the ‘Singing Lamb’ game with Eternal Summers

June 15, 2012 No comments
Written by Wini Lo

If you were a singing animal, what animal would you be?

Jonathan: I’ll be a cat. I own three cats, I just love cats a lot. There’s a cat [statue] sitting there up on the dash that I look at regularly while we’re driving and it just makes me feel better.

Nicole: I think I’d be either an owl or a cricket. I think more of a cricket – ‘cause I’m a bit of a spaz but also chill at nighttime.

Daniel: What would I be?

Nicole (to Daniel): I think you’d be a raccoon or badger. Something forest and woodland…

Daniel: I’m gonna go with a big deer. With a big rack.

Jonathan: So you’re a buck, you’d be a buck.

Daniel: I’ll change my mind tomorrow and email you… No wait, I’m a bullfrog. I want to be them all.


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