Letter From the Editor

May 23, 2012 3 comments
Written by Melody Lau

I never really understood what it meant to run a proper music blog. Like the millions of people who toy around with Tumblr accounts and Blogspots every day, I just looked at The Singing Lamb as a fun place to post about my favourite bands, work with friends and throw in a few too many exclamation marks to express how much I really loved a particular band. Well, it’s been four years now and I’ve learned to ease up on the exclamation marks and I’ve learned what being an editor is really all about.

To explain what happened to the site would require a long-winded post that would probably work better as a dramatic one-woman act (coming soon to a dingy theatre near you; I will start working on it now). So, let’s just say we’re back, give each other a virtual high five and promise to never leave each other ever again.

I want The Singing Lamb to be a music site that people go to for music suggestions, to read great reviews and, most importantly, to see people who are passionate about music. I don’t want this site to be a joke because, quite frankly, I’ve invested too much into this and it really is the closest thing I will get to a child (or an adorable pet cat) for the foreseeable future. I’ve had my ass kicked by some of the best blogs and publications and I’m ready to take what I’ve learned and apply it back to this site. Now I can be a real editor. Often times, I’ll admit that I already feel tired and jaded but it’s this site that brings back memories of good times and, looking forward, makes me excited to write about music.

As you can see, we’ve wiped our slate clean and are starting anew; a new chapter of sorts. We’re very proud of all the content we’ve put up in the past three years and I want to thank everyone who has helped out throughout the years. You are all honourary Lambs.

On that note, we’d also like to thank The Take Media’s Genny Lui for the wicked new design of the site. The site is now cleaner, more organized and, above all, we don’t have those fucking annoying pink letters anymore. My God, I am so sorry for that. That was not my design. Also, thanks to Tom Lowery for the artwork. Look at how cute that lamb is!

I hope you stick around and watch as we rebuild our site with new and exciting posts. Aviva and I, as well as our newest addition, editor Wini Lo, have worked really hard to create a new structure to the site that will bring better content as well as new (and returning) columns to The Singing Lamb.

Watch out, Toronto. We’re baaaaaaaack!


  1. 5 / 28 / 2012 3:19 pm

    welcome back to the game, guys.


  2. Bobby

    5 / 28 / 2012 4:17 pm

    Glad to see the Singing Lamb back! I’m looking forward to discovering some great new music.


  3. 6 / 18 / 2012 1:23 am

    Starting a similar venture in Ottawa, it’s definitely a learning experience- Great looking blog, best of luck.





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