About The Singing Lamb 
The Singing Lamb was launched in October 2008 by Melody Lamb and Graham Robertson. The Toronto-based music blog is Lamb’s brainchild, stemming from her boredom and obsession with music. What started off as a measly Blogspot was then re-launched on January 10, 2009 as a proper website with a steady rotation of contributing writers and photographers. Today, the site is run by Lamb, Aviva Cohen and Wini Lo.

The goal of The Singing Lamb is to share our love of music with the interwebs regardless of its relevancy to what other, more popular music blogs are buzzing about today. We’re no Pitchfork and we assure you, Melody Lamb doesn’t bear any resemblance to Ryan Schreiber. We just write what we know and what we like.

About Melody Lamb 
Melody is a Ryerson journalism grad and music journalist currently based out of Toronto. She is the creator and owner of The Singing Lamb, a managing editor of Static Zine, the organizer behind the Toronto Indie Blogger Brunch and is also a regular contributor to AOL Spinner, The National Post, AV Club Toronto and The Line of Best Fit. Melody has attempted to start various other groups, clubs and projects but, in reality, she’s pretty lazy.

About Aviva Cohen 
Aviva is a real person and photographer who lives in t!o!r!o!n!t!o!. She is the content manager and photo editor of The Singing Lamb, a managing editor of Static Zine, baker of stuff inside other stuff and freelance photographer for the likes of The National Post, Pride Toronto, Chartattack and various other bands/online blobs. Aviva has a food addiction which means she probably won’t be alive for much longer. All those interested in applying for future photo editor of TSL, apply within (just kidding; she is taking this site to the grave).

About Wini Lo
Wini Lo is a Centennial College Journalism grad with an English degree from the University of Guelph. Oddly enough, she does web/e-comm stuff for a living despite her love for journalism. The Singing Lamb is where she gets her kicks writing and editing. An avid fan of food, music and squirrels, Wini can usually be found around Toronto at a vegan/vegetarian restaurant, concert venue or park. Wini’s other dream is to start a 60′s-style girl group band, but that’s an entirely different story for a different time.

The Singing Lamb reviews a limited amount of albums and concerts but if you would like to submit your music, please direct all songs, albums, concert listings and love letters to aviva@singinglamb.ca or melody@singinglamb.ca.

Work for us! 
The Singing Lamb is currently looking for writers and photographers to join the site. Contributors must be good with deadlines and I guess they should like music. If interested, send Melody or Aviva an e-mail along with a short bio, 2 clippings (not mandatory) and your five favourite albums at the moment (so we can judge you).